OnRamp Overview

Welcome to Cyber OnRamp:

Linux Command Line for Beginners

The Cyber OnRamp course is a free 25 hour introductory cybersecurity course. Through this course you'll learn fundamental cybersecurity concepts and skills that will give you insight into what working as a cybersecurity profession would be like.

The course will be divided into two sections: Linux Command Line Fundamentals and Security Fundamentals.

In the Linux Command Line Fundamentals section, you'll start learning some of foundational technical skills you'll need for work in cybersecurity. First we'll introduce you to virtualization and how it works, and then you'll set up your own virtual lab with a Kali Linux machine (more on this later!). Then you'll dive into learning more about the command line tool through short, digestible video lectures taught by our Lead Instructor Corey Greenwald. In between lectures, you’ll hop into Fullstack’s CyberLab environment to hone your new technical skills while working through a capture the flag challenge, a special kind of cybersecurity game which gives participants the chance to solve computer security problems through solving puzzles. 

In the Security Fundamentals section of the course, we'll introduce you to some important cybersecurity topics and frameworks so that you can understand common language, concepts, and tools used in the industry. The section is a curated list of resources and videos, mostly from an instructor we love named Professor Messer. Messer has created a library of free, state-of-the-art online courses that are geared toward IT professionals training towards certifications from CompTIA (Network+, Security+, A+), but here we've pulled out the videos that we think will be most helpful in providing a frame of reference for an introduction to the cybersecurity industry.

This course is designed to give you an introduction to some of the concepts and tools that are the basis for work in cybersecurity. By the end of the course, you'll have the knowledge and experience to decide if a career in cybersecurity is the right path for you!

How this course works

This is an asynchronous course, which means you'll be able to work through the content at your own pace. Each lecture is made up a video lecture and any associated resources or summary. You'll need to watch lectures in order, as concepts in the course will build on top on one another.

When you're working through the Linux Command Line problems you may get a bit stuck. That's ok! A lot of work in cybersecurity will require troubleshooting. We recommend re-watching video lectures a couple times, and then practicing what we call your 'Google-fu'. Google can be extremely helpful in resolving particular questions or problems you might run into, and after a while using this resource will become second nature. All problems in this course will have associated video walkthrough solutions, but we do encourage you try to get unstuck by relying on some of these resources before resorting to the video solutions.

As this is an asynchronous course, you will not have instructional support as you work through the content. However if you do encounter an issue that is preventing you from accessing course content etc., please reach out to [email protected].