How to complete Fullstack Prep

Whether you are determined to learn to JavaScript on your own or are applying to Fullstack (or another bootcamp) Fullstack Prep is designed to help you along your journey.

Fullstack Prep is self-paced, meaning you can choose what you want to work on and when to work on the material. If you are experienced, you may want to start at the Medium problem set, if you are new to JavaScript, a good place to start is JavaScript Jumpstart. You decide your own pace and curriculum that matches your schedule and experience level!

Let's briefly review each section of Fullstack Prep:

  • JavaScript JumpStart
    • If you are a new to the world of JavaScript and terms such as variables, conditionals, booleans, and a loops are foreign terms, JavaScript JumpStart is your starting point! JS JumpStart will review the fundamental building blocks of JavaScript and is the go-to section for beginners. If you already completed JumpStart or a similar course such as Codeacademy's JS Fundamentals track, move on to the Beginner problem set.
  • Problem Sets
    • Consistent feedback we receive from students and prospective students is "Where can I get more practice?". This is music to any educators ears, it's exciting that many of our students love what they do and have the curiosity and determination to grow as learners. Many online courses are excellent at teaching the basics, but don't have enough practice material. Fullstack Prep's problem set has three difficulty levels (Easy, Medium and Hard). Every problem has a difficulty rating on a scale of 0 - 5 (0 = easy, 5 = hard).
    • Included with every problem is a solution and a walkthrough solution video. Solution videos were added by popular demand from students. Each solution video is recorded by a Fullstack Instructor, their thought process and teaching style vary, exposing new ways to approach and solve problems. As a student, seeing a variety of teaching styles is beneficial and will make watching solution videos engaging!
    • Many problems include hints that provide guidance on how to think about the problem or how to get started with the problem if you are stuck. Students find hints beneficial especially when they are learning how to approach a problem and familiarize themselves on how to apply core fundamentals such as for loops or conditional statements.
    • Each problem is stored on codepen, a simple to use online coding environment. The description of the problem and test specs are embedded in the environment to make working through the content hassle free. Furthermore, with test specs, students can validate whether or not their solution is correct!
  • Admissions Prep Practice Assessment
    • The Practice Assessment is designed for students looking to apply to Fullstack Academy. The Practice Assessment mimics the first round Admissions Online Coding Assessment. In general, the Online Coding Assessment will have a variety of Easy, Medium, and Hard problems (the majority will be Medium -> Hard Problems).