Fullstack Prep will help prepare you for admissions into our prestigious flagship Software Engineering Immersive, Remote Immersive, and Flex Immersive programs. This rigorous course will also prepare you for admissions into other highly-ranked coding bootcamps.

Fullstack Prep is a curated collection of the best coding challenges from all of Fullstack's course offerings. The tailored collection of coding challenges progress in difficulty, contain hints to assist you through each step of the problem and include an official solution and video lead by one of our instructors who explain their thought process and approach to each problem.

Fullstack Prep also includes a practice test that will let you know whether you are ready to begin the admissions process or if you should take extra time to review.

The curated curriculum has already proven success time and time again in other Fullstack courses such as Bootcamp Prep, JavaScript Jumpstart, and Intro to Frontend Development. It's now your turn to experience the curriculum and be prepared for the admissions process at Fullstack Academy!

Fullstack Prep's focus is to provide practice material and problems that will get you ready for the Admissions process at Fullstack Academy and most importantly master essential programming and JavaScript fundamentals.Here are the main sections of Fullstack Prep:

  • JavaScript JumpStart (optional)
  • Easy Problem Set (optional)
  • Medium Problem Set
  • Hard Problem Set (coming soon...)
  • Practice Interview Assessment

Whether you are a complete beginner or already mastered the basics, Fullstack Prep will help you assess your readiness and build your skills!